Tuesday, March 04, 2008

2009 Feature - Dept. of Subtle - Text Styles

I wrote something in the past suggesting that "Text" ought to become a full fledge citizen in the "Settings" menu. In all past releases of Revit there was no way to edit Text Styles without first invoking the Text tool. Well those days are or will be gone shortly. A new neighbor will join the Settings menu > Annotations other tenants Arrowheads, Dimensions and Loaded Tags, namely TEXT!

I'm sorry if I seem excited about something "trivial". I'm not, but pleased nonetheless that something subtle got addressed and didn't even make it into the "What's New" presentations circulating the net. Thanks!


Unknown said...

Do you have a screen shot of that?


Steve said...

Not yet, just imagine another line under the others that says "Text..." It opens a the Element Properties dialog which lets you adjust the Text Style's properties without selecting actual text first.