Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Reprise - Making Sheets...faster.

I posted THIS back in March 2006 and I've been asked or read about this several times in the last few days. So I thought I'd mention it again.

I still say Autodesk ought to provide a way to create a "cartoon" set more efficiently! I guess that's where some enterprising developers have an opportunity, such as Revit TV. Put a little pressure on Matt at Avatech too!


J said...

The benefit of this is that it gets us the name of the copied sheet propagated??? Since new sheets number themselves in order by design in Revit(based on the last value input), I still find it faster to use a KeyboardShortcut for creating New Sheets; then managing (copy/pasting) names from a schedule.

...until there's a real tool for this from within Revit, that is.

Steve said...

Keyboard shortcut still opens the dialog to choose a titleblock so Copy/Paste is quicker for many sheets. The sheet name is easier to manage in a schedule anyway or a little of both Browser and Schedule.