Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Navigation Tools - Revit 2009

Two features that Autodesk first created for Design Review will be showing up in Revit 2009 as well as AutoCAD 2009. According to images posted by resellers the View Cube and Steering Wheel (both Autodesk Trademark features) are clearly visible in the Revit interface.

The View Cube is a tool that permits the user to quickly change the viewing position by clicking on a portion of the cube as well as rotating the view by clicking and dragging the mouse around the cube.

The Steering Wheel is meant to provide basic view changes as well as a means to walk around and through a model. You simply click on the portion of the wheel you want to use and drag the mouse to perform the task. You can reposition the center of a view's rotation by choosing the center option and moving the little green "football" to the new location. Then the other features will observe that location as the center of activity. The Rewind feature permits you to go back to a previous viewing condition, like a little slide presentation.

They take a little getting used to. If you haven't seen them in action, take a look at Design Review if you have it, if not get a copy since it is readily available and get used to them now while you have a bit of time.


Anonymous said...

Can you use The SpaceNavigator in revit 2009?

Steve said...

What is The SpaceNavigator? We only know what has been revealed on the various blogs to date.

Steve said...

Sorry, I assumed you were asking about another feature in Design took me a minute to remember that's what they call the 3D Connexion device. I do not believe that they have a driver for Revit yet. There was a rumor that they were working on one.

Anonymous said...

I have used this one on Design's pretty cool, it reminds me of the interface of Bryce and Carrara...and many of the Revit new users i know tell me that wat they do not like much about Revit is the "boring" interface.

KyleB said...

I just wanted to let you know that I've started blogging about Revit MEP 2009 features, with many videos on my Inside the System blog. I know you'll be referencing new features over the next few weeks, so my videos might be valuable links.


Anonymous said...

The wheel would be a great idea, if i hadn't accidently turn it to basic mode. Now it follows me around like a fat kid looking for cake.


Mr. McAwesome

KyleC said...

Hey, i'm new to Revit, how do you turn on the Full Navigation wheel?