Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Revit 2009 Information Released

Autodesk announced today in a very non-specific way that new releases are coming. This isn't really a surprise since this is the time of year that they release new software. However, a couple resellers who also blog have shared a bit more detail. They seem to be free from the constraints that users who participate in product beta cycles have and are therefore able to post such information. I'm sure that Revit users are grateful to get a peak at the features that await them in the next release, I know I am.

You can review the Autodesk Press Release, the posts at BIM Boom and the posts at Imaginit's Blog

A long term wishlist item has been eliminated with the replacement of Accurender with Mental Ray. Also a frequent topic at AUGI and the wishlist is the "Mirror Project" concept which is reported to be included. Overriding dimensions is also a frequent visitor to the wishlist and can now be crossed off. This release looks to be a pretty strong one. I'm sure we will find things to continue pestering the development team about though!


Anonymous said...

No! That is so horrible that you can force dimensions. I cant wait to see my techs screw the model up.

Steve said...

It makes it difficult to just override a dimension with another dimension value. So you can't just type in 3'-6" when it is really 5'-0" without first using some sort of symbol to make it "text". To get 5'-0" you'd have to type *5'-0" or ~5'-0". So it isn't all bad and in fact great if well used to add information above or below the dimension line. Don't panic, wait till you see it.