Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Error Reporting

Sometime ago Autodesk enhanced the process of reporting inelegant episodes, otherwise known as a crash, kaput or "seeya!", you know...when Revit closes for a reason other than you chosing File menu > Exit or clicking the big X.

When you take a moment to submit a report Autodesk is now searching through their knowledge base of known issues hoping to offer a solution. For example, if you are using an older build it will prompt you to download the newer build. If it actually finds a known issue it refers you to that web page. Many times though it can only offer an apology and hope that it (the cause of the crash) will be trapped better in the future and avoided entirely.

So next time (hoping it isn't frequent) take a second to jot down your thoughts in the provided dialog and submit the report. Then let Autodesk's little search engine do its thing and see if you get any joy!

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