Monday, October 03, 2005

To Wiki or not to Wiki?

Beau Turner has started a Wiki project for ADT and Revit Building. If you aren't familiar with Beau he has a catchy titled blog, "Will Render For Food". There's a link to his blog on the sidebar of this blog.

I recall the notion of making a wiki for Revit came up just before the Zoogdesign based Revit community joined with AUGI. A member using the moniker, MAWI, suggested it first. As far as I know nothing came of that discussion. The subject came up again recently in the forums and it still sounded like an interesting project, but no traction again.

That is till now, apparently Beau is the kind of guy to do things instead of talking about them. Nice one Beau! Kind of like another guy I know, Chris Zoog. Gotta admire "can do" spirit! Even though I CAN feel jealous he actually started it, right? That's okay isn't it? Get over it you say...I'll try!

His site says if you are interested in helping to get it going to email him. If you are, what are you waiting for? Always wanted to be a writer? Here's your chance!

Here's a link: ADT/REVIT WIKI

It will be interesting to see how quickly everyone can build it? Maybe we should challenge the ADT Wiki? Hehe...

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