Saturday, October 08, 2005

Property Boundaries and Setbacks

Revit's Property Line feature works well to define the boundary of a project's site. It also works very nicely to define the required setback for each boundary. The trouble with this is you can't specify a different linetype for the setback because you can't assign the property line to different subcategories. Or can you?

The linework tool works very nicely for this, create a new Line Style, called Property Setback, assign a dashed line pattern and then use the Linework Tool to change the setback "property lines" to this new line style.

You can apply property tags to each property line object to display the overall property area and the "buildable area" defined by the code required setbacks.


VERBarchitect said...

I like this, I'm trying to figure out a way to create a tag that recognizes the offset of the lines to label as setback with a distance. Any ideas?

Steve said...

Not without the API. I just use dimensions. They are easy and people who review these documents understand them.