Sunday, October 30, 2005

Seeing Backwards

When is a front elevation really a back elevation? When you are using a generic model family template. When you open a door family template the elevations behave “normally”…meaning the elevation of the door is as if you are standing in front of it and looking at the door.

When you take a look at the generic model template the view is as if you are standing behind the “door”. Since there is no “wall” you can see everything.

I suppose this could be partly because there is no host? Nah, more likely it is just the elevations are named backwards. Not as obvious since there isn’t any real sense of Exterior/Interior with a generic family. If you treat the "bottom" of a plan view as "front" and the "top" as "back" the views are named correctly. This just happens to be the opposite of how hosted families are setup. It isn't consistent and that can lead to confusion eh?

As such, the wall based family templates have “normal” elevations while the other templates do not.

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