Thursday, May 03, 2012

Revit 2013 - Repeat and Divide Subtlety

For people experimenting with these new concepts and feature... I picked this item up recently.

If you are trying to make things work and running into problems make sure the Adaptive Component (AC) is hosted on nodes of a divided curve or divided surface. It can easily appear like its hosted correctly, but if you look closer you may find it is actually hosted to the curve, not the node. Also, if your AC family contains any Shape handles points, then it won’t repeat. All adaptive points in a family must be Placement points, not Shape Handle points or Reference points.

Read Andy's recent post about experimenting with them.


Alfredo Medina said...

Hmm.. There seem to be other things to be careful about this new tool, to make it work. I have made sure that the adaptive component has a placement point, and that, once loaded, it is placed at one of the nodes of the divided path. I select the component that I want to repeat, and the repeat or array tool continues to be greyed out as it was in previous versions of Revit, LOL, I must be missing one step. I was not part of the Beta part of this, so this tool is all new for me. I will post a comment if I discover what is causing the problem...

Alfredo Medina said...

Well, I finally got it to work,... The placement point should be the host of the object that one wants to repeat; it would be good to include that detail in the help documents in Wikihelp. So finally we can make arrays in the conceptual design environment. Interesting.