Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Big R is Puzzling me with Poor Performance

I've got a recurring issue, since about December that is. I did some extended work for a client and we set things up so I could have access to resources without actually joining their domain (adding my PC to their network formally). I've done this for years but I haven't experienced this however.

When I click on the Big R (application button), to start a new project or open something, I have to wait as long as 60 seconds sometimes before it expands to display the menu. I've been primarily using Revit MEP but occasionally Revit Architecture too. They both exhibit the same sluggishness response to using the Big R. Revit Structure 2012 doesn't seem to be suffering from this however. Also if I just click the Open icon on the Quick Access Bar there is no delay. None of the Revit 2011 versions seem to be bothered by it either but I didn't use them during the last couple months either.

Some additional clues are:
Was connected to shared resources (drives and printers) without being added to the domain
Was using a Named Network Location (not a mapped network drive)
Have since deleted journal file data
Have since removed all Places referencing these shares
Have removed the shared printers
Removed references to invalid locations in Revit.ini files (main and user)
Removed CMDKEY stored information related to past external resources
Have done registry cleaning for references to the past network locations
Have removed the most recent installed external applications
Have a certain version of Revit installed that isn't supposed to be installed side-by-side

With all that in mind, when I revisited my .ini files tonight I removed all references to recent files and the performance is back to normal for now.

Any readers also experiencing similar sluggishness? Resolved it? Lemmeno


The Revit Kid said...

I have noticed some interesting things with the Recent Files window in 2012 as well...working completely local. It is interesting that when you cleared out the recent files the performance kicked up. I actually removed the recent files window in the general settings. I wonder if that is the source of the problem? There is something funny with that damn recent files window as I pointed out here too http://therevitkid.blogspot.com/2011/06/revit-2011-and-2012-new-project-to.html

At one point it was launching Autodesk.com!

Bol said...

1. Most likely: recent files on (now) invalid paths; you have caught it I think.

2. Check your desktop and remove any invalid/outdated links.


BD Mackey Consulting said...


I have had the same issue, and it started about the same time. I however haven't installed or added any drives or changed anything. My issue is that it doesn't happen all the time, most of the time but not all of it. When I submitted it to Autodesk I was told they couldn't reproduce the problem so there wasn't a resolution. I understand issues like this are hard to reproduce. I too will be interested to find a resolution.

Aaron Maller said...

Totally related to recent files. It happens to us when we travel inter-office, too. Or to job sites.

Export to DWG, Export to DWF, and anything to do with the Application Button slows performance to a crawl.

Ive taken to storing our INI files with no Recent files, and putting that in UDC. So worst case, i go to users directory and just delete the ini, and it rebuilds with no recent files list.

Brian Beck said...

Big "R" issue...went to the doctor and got a shot..cleared it right up. HAH!

Steve said...

Definitely improves getting rid of recent files history. It would be nice to be able to purge this from the Options dialog. If the reent files history includes a file that has a path that can't be found the timeout settings in Windows kicks in.

Peter Tranberg said...

I´ve got issues after deleting the Recent File History in the INI file. Couldn´t open anything after that. I then renewed the INI file from the UserDataCeche folder and now it works.

I see it too as an issue of non accessable files on nonconnected networkdrives.

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