Thursday, June 19, 2008

Linked Files - Room Bounding

This might seem simple and a little detail but large projects using linked files have needed this ability for a long time! Something so important but so subtle and little in just another dialog box among many.

This little check box means that your linked exterior curtain wall project can provide the room bounding your core/shell/interior project needs so you can avoid creating lots and lots of room separation lines. I'm also interested to see if users can harness the feature to enhance Unit Plan workflow perhaps. Happy Linking!


David Light said...

Steve this is a great tip and I certainly believe that once users start to use it they will find it will totally transform their workflow.This feature is also essential if you are linking an architectural model into revit mep. As you can then populate the model with spaces. I just hope in future Autodesk introduce the ability to copy rooms from the architectural model into the mep model so these can then be converted to spaces!

Bart said...

It would even be nicer if you could read the room-object from another file. We're seperating the project in Core & Shell and Interiors. The interiors should be able to tag, say, the electrical rooms. And not through the VG -> By Linked file (that doesn't allow you to move the tag).

I hope I'm wrong, but still only a small step; that room bounding option.

mpguru66 said...

Perfect. Thank you very much Steve!