Friday, September 28, 2018

Color Fill Calculation Failed is Back

This warning appeared quite a bit with Revit 2016 and patched in subsequent updates.

I've clicked Restart to no joy and I've submitted the error. I've done the Edit Color Scheme and Cancel process described for Revit 2016 with no joy either. Hopefully it will get sorted out again.


DaveP said...

On the plus side, it is a nicer looking error dialog.

Unknown said...

I (/we throughtout the company) have been aflicted by this one, it pops it's head everywhere. I thought I left it behind going to 2019 but it has just re-emerged. No sign from adsk support on what it is. Maybe the person who wrote the warning knows.
our current solution is to reset & rebuild the users profile; not that convenient.

Unknown said...

I am working in Revit 2019 and this just popped up. The message looks exactly like yours. Very concerning... what does it mean?? ...when I click on Report Bug, it just keeps popping up. I finally just hit the X and it went away.