Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Moving a Viewport Error - Disjoin

The Move tool offers us an option called Disjoin. When it is used Revit deletes the original and creates a new element at the new location. That isn't obvious to us but if you examine the GUID (ID's of Selection) you'll find it has a new GUID after the Move is complete.

The option is sticky, we have to remember to disable it when we use the Move tool again. When we are working on sheets and adjusting views we now have an opportunity to run into a confusing error message.

If you run into this or people you support do, just remember to Disable da Disjoin.

Per a comment: My previous post on re Disjoin.


Damien said...

Wow, amazing timing. This literally just happened to a colleague of mine yesterday and I was going to look into it next week... now I don't have to! Is this a 2019 thing? Haven't come across this before for viewports...

mrbinnc said...

Actually this was also mentioned back in Feb 2012. Who ever notice this button before? I never did.