Thursday, September 07, 2017

Shared Coordinates - Autodesk Reference Information

It's September posts in August...time flies.

This post is brief, merely a referral. If you struggle with understanding Revit's coordinate system then THIS LINK, at Autodesk's Knowledge Base (KB) site for this subject might be helpful. I like the images and some of explanations or interpretations it offers.

Check it out, it may help!

Edit: I wrote this on Sept. 7th originally, received an unflattering comment about it, returned it to draft, revised it, and restored it to published on Sept. 14th.

I was lazy. I thought the information was an addition to their formal help documentation. When I saw the comment I read through the KB article again and realized that it was written by an Autodesk User Group member and submitted to their Knowledge Base system, which happens to be curated by different people than the product documentation group. I might quibble with some subtlety of it here or there but its approach may help someone get a grasp on the bigger picture. Just keep in mind that its claims are not gospel, nor written by Autodesk's own people.


Matthew said...

Whomever wrote this article isn't doing anyone any favors, and Autodesk should be ashamed of itself for publishing it without a peer review and polite "thanks but no thanks" reply to the author. It's mildly incorrect in some aspects and just outright wrong in others.

Steve said...

Matthew - Thanks for your reaction/comment. I was lazy and didn't realize it isn't actually part of the help documentation, rather the KB and user submitted. See my comment at the end of the post.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Expert Elite Club Steve!! Overdue and well deserved

Anonymous said...

Autodesk has started allowing some Expert Elites and Advance user to post articles on the AKN. In a lot of Autodesk products there are many ways to achieve something. Some of it is opinion, some facts, and you know how that is. Not everyone can write "gospel." As you said it will help lot of people get the grasp of it. and as for Matthew, if you think it is incorrect, please do comment on it. If you want, you can even create a thread on the (under the specific product), do a peer review of it and "mildly" point out what you think are incorrect/outright wrong things. This would help the community en large. If you do not want to publicly discuss this, you can always send the person a PM on the forums. There is a Report button as well. That is just to notify the AKN team to review the article and any comments you have.

Steve said...

Anon - Thanks! As for the AKN good to know. Cheers!