Friday, July 14, 2017

20 Mile Threshold on Import

This is a follow up to my earlier post this week regarding the 20 mile threshold. A comment to that post mentioned that the governing extent is equivalent to a 10 mile radius sphere whose origin is at 0,0,0. In my own testing I've observed the threshold is more closely defined as a cube.

This image is a 10 mile radius sphere with a line segment that travels beyond the edges of the sphere but within the boundary that a cube would have.

You can see the highlighted square is the extent of the DWG file and line extends outside of the sphere at each end but is still inside the boundary of where a cube would lie instead.

This image is the same file but the line is altered to extend beyond the edge of the sphere/cube extent.

This is the message that appears when I reloaded the file after altering the line's extent.

The warning can be avoided if we ensure that the DWG file doesn't have any elements that extend beyond the 20 mile cube (10 mile radius). The cube can be quite far from the origin of the DWG file but nothing can be outside the cube's boundary.

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