Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Doors and Rooms and Rooms and Doors

In the year 2016 we find Revit is still utterly clueless about the relationship between doors and rooms. We have this quirky documentation habit of using a room's number to derive a door number, not to mention it's room name to define its location in a building. I know they've noticed because each door has a From Room and To Room parameter.

Recently Elon Musk and his SpaceX team sent a rocket to space and returned the first stage to an upright position back on earth. A feat engineers have long dreamed of accomplishing.

Yet after 15 years Revit continues to rely on third party applications to bridge this feature crevasse.

Don't get me started on the Space Naming Utility being a separate application...grumble grumble...


ahaney said...

I'm sure someone clever out there has developed a fix for this using dynamo.

Anonymous said...

To add to the list, IMHO, an even more egregious "we don't care" gesture from Autodesk is the absence of native keynote editing abilities. Opening the text file to edit keynotes is not practical, and forth with potential mistakes. Keynoting is an integral, essential, critical and really a non-negotiable aspect of construction documentation. Not providing that ability within Revit itself especially after a decade long years of waiting is tantamount to Autodesk saying F*U to it's users.

Sure there are excellent third party utilities like the Revolution Design's Keynote Manager. But something as integral as Keynoting should not be considered an accessory to an AEC industry standard software.

Steve said...

Third party solutions...and via Dynamo...I know there are and I don't CARE! In fact it aggravates me more.

It is HIGH time the Revit team did something about it themselves, something they believe in enough to put it in the product so I don't have to keep telling people that they have to go download some other software to do something basic (and have them look at me like I've got two heads), something fundamental to architecture and construction worldwide.

Regarding Keynotes...mostly ignored by users in my experience...sadly, perhaps partly because of this editing situation.