Friday, November 14, 2014

Enable 2D Setting for Multiple Grid Lines

There are times when we'd like to alter the 2D (view specific) position of Grids. When you select a Grid you can click the 3D icon to toggle it to 2D. That's a one-at-a-time affair though. If you have many grids you won't look forward to doing that.

When a Grid crosses a crop boundary in a view (when the crop boundary is enabled) it switches from 3D to 2D automatically. If you want to enable the 2D setting for all the vertical grids at once turn on the view's crop boundary and make sure it crosses your grids.

Now you can adjust all the Grids end point position together just like they do automatically for the 3D setting. It will work for levels too. If you don't want the crop region long term you can just disable it afterward. The Grids or Levels will retain their alteration until (if) you elect to use the Reset to 3D Extents (right click context menu option).


Peter in Maryland said...

In RMEP 2015, we still have grid bubbles wandering, even after pinning. It's very time consuming - we move a grid bubble so that it looks correct in the view, and fits correctly on the sheet for last week's printing. Then, this week, we look at the same sheet, and have to re-locate that same grid bubble again, because it has moved. We usually have one person dedicate an hour or more prior to printing, just to make sure the grid bubbles are correct. Just a cost of doing business with autodesk, an error on our part, or something fixable? Thanks

Eduardo M.I. said...

I wish I had known this some 3 years ago!! Thanks a lot Steve.

Steve said...

Well it is easy to mess up if someone is unfamiliar with the extent to which modifying them can change many views.

You can assign grids to a scope box to manage their position on a broader basis, might help some?