Thursday, July 03, 2014

Worksharing and Windows Operating Systems

Subtle bit of information shared via AUGI thread and member Meng005.

Autodesk response regarding a query asking about mixing version of Windows (64 bit and 32 bit):
When accessing workshared files from a shared Windows directory not utilizing Revit Server, it is important that all clients are using the same version of Windows, and thus the same version of SMB (Server Message Block). This is not the case when saving to Revit Server as the communication to the server does not use SMB. The client version of Windows, either Windows 7 or 8, is not critical when Revit Server is used.
It's fairly common knowledge that we should be careful to make sure that all Revit users (at a minimum that are contributing to the same Revit project files) have the same Revit build installed. Less obvious or common is the tip that they should also be using the same version of Windows!

Thanks for sharing Meng005!

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RevitCat said...

It is also important to make sure that all computers on your network have SMB2 either enabled or disabled - not a mixture of the two otherwise you might get spurious "Central File is Busy" messages.