Thursday, July 31, 2014

Opening a View and it Appears Empty

I wrote THIS POST about Revit's behavior when you open a new view. There are times when you open a new view and Revit seems determined not to show you what is there. You get an empty view, or at least it looks empty, until you use Zoom to Fit.

It's been my observation that this happens when you are opening a new view with another view open that is cropped or at least looking at a very different portion of the model where there isn't anything to see in the new view. This happens because Revit is trying to focus on the same location in the new view, based on the location within the model you were already looking at (the view you were just using).

In a simple model this automatic zoom/focus works pretty well. As soon as we introduce linked files, scope boxes, cropped boundaries etc... it gets less reliable or helpful. Just something to consider next time you are greeted by an empty view. It might help to close down your current view first and use a simpler view or a schedule to start from instead. Then again, using Zoom to Fit isn't hard.

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