Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Door Template Wall Types

Prior to Revit 2015 the stock door template had one wall type called Wall 1. Many users create additional wall types to make it easier to test our work for problems that can arise with different wall types (those with a different thickness), prior to loading into a project to test further.

A very subtle change with 2015 is that the stock door template now has three types: Generic - 6", Generic - 8" and Generic - 12". The metric door template has Generic - 150mm, Generic - 200mm and Generic 300mm.

I assume this is in response to observing that many people have be doing with this with their own content. It's been part of my door tutorials and sessions over the years. It's one less subtle task to deal with when starting out with a new door family.

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Aaron Vorwerk said...

A helpful change, and also a good reminder for users creating door families. Too often, users remember to 'flex' parameters such as width and height but fail to flex the host!