Friday, July 04, 2014

Revit and Satch

The other day I mentioned that I generally include at least a few tracks of Joe Satriani's music in a playlist for walk-in music at conferences. I find his music is particularly conducive to spending hours pecking away at a project and Revit. I've been up late working on something just a little longer so I can hear one more tune.

I generally just let his albums play through without concerning myself about assembling them or any particular tracks into any coherent order. I recently decided to create a Spotify playlist that assembled some of my favorites, a time to crank some Revit list. My short list ended up with 24 tracks spanning 15 albums (2 hours worth of material written over almost 20 years), at least one track from each album.

For the most part they all groove, drive forward without too much quiet time or lulls. There are lots of tracks to choose from for that too but for working...driving, grooving works best for me.

Speaking of driving. When I visit clients in San Diego or Los Angeles that means at least a couple of quality hours in the car (or train) for music. There are some tracks that I've listened to together long enough that they don't sound finished unless they play together no matter the situation.

It's kind of like what radio did with Journey's two hit songs Feeling That Way and Anytime or Jackson Browne's Load Out and Stay. They played them together so often that it's like they are really one song. I think DJ's called that grouping "bathroom breaks", combined they played long enough to let them sneak away without the fear of dead air. In this list I purposely didn't put them next to each other just to see if I could cope.

Check out Satch!

Whadya think?


Dave Jones said...

I don't do Facebook (yeah, I know) but just did a Joe Satriani station on Pandora. I like it! I listen to music all day while working and couldn't get anything done without something loud and ambitious screaming at me in my earphones :) Thanks for the great music tip!!

Steve said...

You don't have to have a Facebook account to use Spotify, it is just one way to log in and share playlists.

Eric said...

Steve, great line-up for Satch.. Eric.

Unknown said...

I credit Flying In A Blue Dream for helping me get through arch school :) Great music!

Allen Jay Holland said...

Satriani, YES!