Thursday, July 24, 2014

Filled Regions and Arc or Radial Dimensions

Alex at RFO brought up a quirky dimension issue when we use Filled Regions. We can apply aligned dimensions to a finished region's sketch but if you want to use a Radial or Diameter dimension on a arc segment, after finishing the sketch, Revit turns a blind eye to it. The dimension tool doesn't recognize the arc segment of the finished filled region.

Alex told me to fix it, so this squeaky wheel post is my contribution to fixing it. :)

For now the work-around is to drop a detail line on top of the arc segment, the dimension tool will see that.

Definitely fits in the Dept. of Quirky.

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Devin C. said...

Sometimes it will work if you create the dimension in the edit sketch mode, copy to clipboard, finish the sketch, and paste aligned current view. Not sure if this is a better work around or not, but at least its only one object instead of a region and a separate line.