Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Revit INI Tweak and Properties Palette Apply Behavior

Courtesy of Aaron Maller the other day...

Aaron said, in a conversation about the Apply behavior of the Properties Palette:

You guys know you can edit that with a setting in the INI file, right?

He offered this explanation:

Within the [UserInterface] section of the Revit.ini (see image), add the line:


When you move your mouse out of the Properties Palette Revit will no longer commit changes you make. They (the Factory) quietly changed the way this INI key worked, between versions 2013 and 2014. In 2013, if you did this you HAD to use the Apply button to commit your change(s). In 2014 moving your mouse out of the Properties Palette will NOT commit your change(s). When you CLICK in the viewport, or elsewhere, Revit then commits the changes. The same is true in 2015 too.

That's SUBTLE and NICE! Thanks for the tip Aaron!


DT said...

Now that's a nice tip! thanks Steve (and Aaron!)

John Cook said...

Nice little trick here, guys!

matthew g. said...

Love this, thanks!