Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Two Minutes with Rolling Offsets

Revit doesn't let us quickly create rolling offsets for piping or conduit, at least not in an uninterrupted process as we are sketching consecutive segments. In the past I wrote about a related concept called a Conduit Kick. It isn't that they don't want us to do it its just that Revit is biased toward creating vertical and horizontal runs. This means sketching a run of pipe and changing elevation usually creates something like this instead. The example on the left is good while the right is bad.

This video shows how to create a rolling offset for both pipe and conduit. The Routing Solutions tool works for pipe (and duct) but not conduit. We can also use the option Ignore Slope to Connect for pipe, duct and conduit. The resulting rolling offset does not abide by any rules for specific angles or slope. It's easy to create a sloping section between two elements as long as they are in the desired location, offset from one another correctly and at the elevations you need. The rolling offset just can't be created as we sketch from segment to segment. We need to place the two lateral runs and then return to create the rolling offset section.

Btw, there have been a few tweets on this subject focused on creating an app to help us cope with rolling offsets. Jeremy Tammik (The Building Coder) has written about it and wrapped up his posts with THIS ONE. Harry Mattison (Boost Your BIM) also inquired about it via Twitter but I don't think he's put anything to code about it yet.

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