Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Open File Project Version Warning

I wrote a post in November that complained about Revit not asking if I really wanted to upgrade a project before going forward. In response Harry Mattison wrote some code (and I wrote another post) and made a solution available through his Udemy API class.

Since then I've used it so much that I've been starting to think it's part of Revit. I was using another computer the other day and was confused for moment when Revit didn't ask first, puzzled until I remembered..."oh, yeah...Harry's app isn't this computer". (sad face)

Well Harry has made a new version of the app available HERE and has decided to use a Pay What you Want approach as a test to see how well that works for him and us. You can read Harry's blog post and explanation of features HERE and here's his YouTube video.

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Unknown said...

a little memento on this topic. It happen to me quite a few times previously and I came to realize it could very well be network related. At lesat in my case it was. If you have 2 people working on the same project through a mapped drive having the same letter but not the same path you'll encounter this issue everytime.

In my case I had users with deployed mapped drive pointing to \\nas by GPO and others pointing to \\svr-fs-01 (both under I:\ drive, both being the same server)

This would grey out the "create a new local" feature while opening the central file.