Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Schedule Linked Files

We can schedule elements that are in linked files but there isn't a schedule that is only interested in telling us what linked files there are. We can determine which files are linked easily enough while working inside Revit. What if we want to document what files are linked into our model and include this information on a sheet? We can take advantage of the addition of Grids and Levels as elements we can schedule in Revit 2014.

If we assume that all projects will have levels and probably grids a schedule that is assigned to one of those categories can be manipulated to look like it is just a schedule of linked files. Then we can combine that with a Starting View if we want to see it each time our project is opened. Add the schedule to a general information sheet and it can be part of our documentation too.

I created a schedule that includes the fields for RVT Links and at least one for Grids. In this example I used Grids to drive the schedule but Levels are probably a better choice.

When we load a linked file we can supply a unique "Name" value. When we use Reload From or Reload later to update the model we can revise the "Name" parameter to show the current version/date.

Make a custom titleblock family and add the Project and Client related parameters as desired. Load the family and create a new sheet using this special titleblock. Add the new schedule to the sheet. To use this as a starting view activate the Manage ribbon and click the Starting View button. Choose our special sheet view as the starting view.

I used the Clear Cell tool, new in Revit 2014, to remove the link between the schedule name and the header text. This allows us to call the schedule something meaningful in the project browser and show something else in the header of the schedule on the sheet, as shown in the first image in the post. Since schedules can be on any number of sheets it is an easy matter to place it on additional sheets if desired.


Unknown said...

Your way is a bit "less messy" than mine:
What Revit Wants: Schedule number of each RVT Link in project

Mohammed Mahboob said...

Easy to schedule the link file, but if you add a Shared/Project parameter to the schedule then - wont have an access to edit the value.

Steve said...

Mohammed, no shared parameters involved, no issue.

2014 makes it "easier" since levels are always in a Revit project.

Rob said...

What about schedules for listing phasing, design options, worksets used etc? Any suggestions?

Unknown said...

KiwiCodes Bonus Tools and other schedule "exporting" tools can get this data into Excel for you.

Peter in Maryland said...

Mr. Steve:

Was it someone in your office that asked for fewer controls on Schedules? ;---)

Please compare "Appearance > Text" under Schedule Properties, between RMEP 2013 and RMEP 2014. It looks like they removed our ability to control Underlines, along with Text sizes and formats.

Or am I going blind?


Unknown said...

This is controlled in the Text Type definition in 2014, you only pick the Text Type in Schedule properties.

Steve said...

Fonts in Data Rows are defined as Luke writes in his reply to your comments. In the Header of 2014 schedules however you can still alter those settings but you have to click on the Font button first (Appearance Panel). A dialog appears to display those options: Font, Size, Style and Color.

Unknown said...

I have created a schedule using levels - The RVT Link:File Name appears many times in the schedule