Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Learn to Program the Revit API

If you are interested in learning the Revit API Harry Mattison (Boost Your BIM) created an online course hosted at Udemy (The Academy of You).

It's delivered in 33 video segments which vary from a few minutes to a little over fifteen minutes. It's also very reasonably priced at $149.00. Maybe I'll see you on campus?

Learn to Program the Revit API


Michael Coffey said...

The courses are very good and worth the price when you consider how much you can do with the API. Harry is a great teacher as I have had personal training with him also. The courses go from basic to advanced topics which are very useful.

mgonzalez said...

Just watched the preview and a couple courses labelled "free" and it looks great. Tell me the actual videos are at a much higher resolution and I'll buy the course today! When I full screened the vids I watched I couldn't even read portions of the text.



Steve said...

Mentioned it to Harry (the Author). He seems to think you should find the resolution to be satisfactory with the purchased course. I've not heard any complaints from other students.

mgonzalez said...

Thanks for the reply Steve. I actually purchased it just shortly after leaving that comment, assuming that the videos would be fine. My assumption was correct, I don't know if it was some weird setting on my computer or what it was that had the previews looking low res, but the final purchased product looks great. Thanks for sharing this one Steve!