Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shared Parameters aka Dictionary

A Shared Parameter is like a definition and the Shared Parameter file is like a dictionary.

Consider that a family parameter is confined to a family. It can be seen from within a project but not scheduled or tagged unless it is a built in parameter like those listed under the Identity group (and provided for us by Autodesk).

Consider that a Project Parameter is part of a project and applied to categories of families so that it can be scheduled, but NOT tagged. Like a Family parameter it is "trapped" there, in the project.

A shared parameter bridges both trapped conditions, acting as a definition we look up in a dictionary (the shared parameter file). We store our common definitions there so they can be applied in other projects or families. When you create a family or project parameter using a shared parameter (definition from the dictionary) it is really just another parameter but it has expanded possibilities because it is "shared", the data stored with it can be scheduled AND tagged.


Jeff Hanson, Autodesk said...

As a clarification a "Project Parameter" can't be tagged. It can only be tagged if the "Project Parameter" is created using a "Shared Parameter". That is actually the origin of the term "Shared Parameter" it is shared between the tag family and the object category in the project.

Jeff Hanson
Sr. Subject Matter Expert
Autodesk Revit

Steve said...

Thanks Jeff, I knew (know) that but jumbled the information when I distilled it from some older posts.

DaveP said...

Dictionary - good analogy.
Just to stretch the analogy to the breaking point, you also don't want to use both a Webster's dictionary and a Funk and Wagnal's (in other words, two different Shared Parameter files) or you're going to get two different definitions for the same word (Parameter).

Steve said...

Yes! It is best to settle on a single dictionary and definition for each word.

Ericg said...

Seeing it like a dictionary... so cool. I got a reason now to bring all the parameters (shared)to one file. I'm a new man after I read your posts!