Saturday, September 08, 2012

Missing Survey Point

Traded a couple emails with Paul Aubin regarding a client's Survey Point that went missing. It turns out that it had been moved up quite high. I'd never tried to move either the Survey or Project Base Point symbols "up" before so it took me by surprise that it could be done.

Moral of the story, take care when you are selecting things and moving them. You could move your survey point unintentionally.


Dave Baldacchino said...

I came across another one today that got me stumped. The Project Basepoint and Survey Point are tied to "Workset1" (or whatever you set your name to when enabling worksets). If you close this one down, they disappear...poof! Had me sweating for a while till I figured it out!

emodderman said...

ok, but what if it disappears but hasn't gone 'up'? I acquired coordinates from a CAD link and it disappeared. It isn't hidden in view, or really far from the drawing... It's just gone!

Steve said...

Try looking for it in a brand new floor plan view that is not cropped. Turn on the Survey Point in visibility/Graphics. It should show up even if it is very far away because Revit does not scale the size of the icon when you zoom the view.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to share my experience. I had the same problem and I tried to turn on Workset 1 as suggested before but couldn't find it. I just had to turn on the Project Standards Worksets and turn on a workset called "Project info".