Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Only One Book is Allowed

I wrote a tweet the other day asking,"I wonder why the question, "Which Revit book should I buy?" seems to imply that we are only allowed one, one choice, one on our shelf?"

We all learn a bit differently, so options are good. I think it is a disservice to all of us to assume one source is sufficient or that we must only pick the "best" book. I learn stuff from all the things I read, even if some parts are useless to me personally or perhaps poorly delivered. We are talking about someone's living. Spending a few hundred dollars in the interest of making a better living seems easy math to me, and I'm not even very good at math!

Don't restrict your opportunities to learn! My $0.02

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Dave Vaughn said...

Here Here!!
I agree Steve! I try to learn from any sources I can, whenever I can. Of course it takes some inner motivation...which some people tend to lack.