Thursday, October 27, 2011

Show When Multiple Viewports

When you put a view on a sheet, its viewport has a parameter (Show Title) that determines when we see a view title. There are three choices; Yes, No and When Multiple Viewports. The third option (When multiple viewports) will cause Revit to only show the view title when there is more than one viewport on a sheet.

An interesting thing happens when you actually use the When Multiple Viewports option, we lose the snapping sensitivity that the view title line has when adjusting the length/position of the line. I've created a short video that shows it in action since it's easier to see that way.


tchuffart said...

I had already noticed the snapping problem but you focused it on that specific parameter, nice.
By the way on that title subject do you know how to set the default title used when positionning a view on a sheet ? I created a new title that suits us better than the default one, but when positionning my views on sheets I always need to change the title afterwards. It would be nice to set it before once inthe tamplates.

BIMmanager said...

nice video .thanks for sharing this video..................