Friday, October 28, 2011

What did you Intend? Family Editing Issues

There is a stock family that dates back to the very earliest of days, Desk.rfa. It's a good example of a family that confuses users routinely. The issue is that the desk top isn't visible in plan and it overhangs the edge of the chassis of the desk.

When in plan we can align the desk but find in a 3D view that it now overlaps another or something else, like a wall for example.

When we make content it helps the end user a lot if such inconsistencies don't exist. Here's a video that shows what I'm writing about too.


Brian Payne said...

I personally wish Autodesk would hire someone to make at least consistent, well made content if they are going to provide any. I have been steering staff away from the same junk families for too many years

seandburke said...

It's the perfect bad example of a family to open when you are teaching family best practices... One of the first things I always have students do is fix the top! lol... Then we move the insertion point to a more logical and predictable location - the center of the front edge of the opening so if the desk type is swapped, it stays relative to a chair.