Thursday, June 16, 2011

RTC Competition

Just a reminder to readers that are attending the Revit Technology Conference next week in Huntington Beach. There is a competition segment to the event that offers some very nice prizes. To enter the work you and your firm has done you need to review the information on the web site regarding the competition.

Here's one of this year's RTC Goldcoast winner, Tony Hoffmann with Humphrey & Edwards Architects:

For reference you can take a look at the recent Goldcoast RTC competition as well as some images of previous submissions. You can also review the past RTC events: RTC 2010 - RTC 2009 - RTC 2008 - RTC 2007 - RTC 2006

The prizes have not been listed yet but they involve significant hardware and software I'd be very happy to win, but I'm not eligible...but "you" are!


Jim Balding said...

"very nice prizes" is putting it very mildly. I won't tell you what they are, but I guarantee you will be surprised at the generosity of the donors.

bim manager said...

yes Great Design