Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Revit 2012 Update Available

I was able to download web updates to Revit 2012 products via Communication Center this morning (well when I turned on Revit anyway). I also saw that Luke Johnson posted links at his blog What Revit Wants. RevitForum.org also has a thread dedicated to the subject.

If you fire up Revit and visit the communication center you should find a notification. You can also follow the links provided at What Revit Wants or RevitForum.org but those seem to take you to the 64bit versions whereas the Communication Center will download the version you need on your pc. Of course if EyeTee has your computer locked down such that you can't update it yourself, time to chat with them I suppose?

New build number is: 20110622_0930

According to Matt Mason's post at his Cadd Application Development blog the update fixes a point cloud issue. A new option to place updated cloud import files called: Auto - Origin to Last Placed (meaning that it would make sure that the origin matched the origin of the previous model) was added for these files...but it didn't work. It does work in the new Web Update!

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