Thursday, June 16, 2011

Revit Content Standards - ANZRS

The Australia New Zealand Revit Standards (ANZRS) has been formally released. In March this year I wrote that they were drawing close to releasing it and that they hoped to do so at the Revit Technology Conference in Goldcoast. They did hold a meeting there but held off on the formal release a bit longer.

They made their first digital public version available for download. You need to register with modest information before you'll be able to download it. It is delivered in a PDF package that is comprised of these sections:
  • L1 Introduction
  • L2 How to use the pack
  • L3 Generic vs Specific
  • L4 Glossary of Terms
  • C1-C8 Compliance
  • R1-R2 Advanced Features and Best Practices
  • Full Pack for printing including shared parameter txt files

1 comment:

Scott Johnson said...

Man, I wish I had noticed this earlier. Besides having the traditional standards stuff (like material naming and so forth) and general principles of good family creation, the ANZRS document covers a lot of the ideosyncratic nitty-gritty details of particular categories and templates. Stuff like effects of choosing particular part types and system types, what certain parameters and reference planes are meant to control, and so forth. Useful stuff! And not just for Aussies and Kiwis.