Monday, February 28, 2011

Revit Schmevit - Go See Steve Shell at RTCUSA 2011

If you aren't sure about attending RTCUSA 2011 in Huntington Beach, CA this June...maybe getting to see Steve Shell (the Rock-n-Roll Revit Architect) and Shell Shock will help make up your mind?? Just something else to look forward to!

Stay tuned, Registration opens soon!

btw, Steve's the one on the right, holding the guitar, I think he's actually playing too! *-)

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Unknown said...

Hey Stephen, Thanks for the plug! And yes, I am playing and the other long hair is a buddy of mine who sat in for "Hey Baby".

For all you other folks who are still sitting on the fence on whether to go this is more good stuff to look forward to....
Stephen (yes, this Stephen) is sitting in with us and will be kick'n in some cool classic drumming with Shell Shock!!!!!

You don't want to miss that! Do you????

Oh, and I am also grateful that I have been allowed to present a class at this year's RTC too! Thanks!
Steven (No, the other Steven)