Saturday, February 12, 2011

Revit MEP - Creating Circuits

Got an email a few days ago and was slow to respond so I thought I'd make a quick video to describe the process too.

There is a parent child relationship between electrical "stuff" and it repeats itself as you work "up" the power relationship from receptacle to panel to transformer to panel to switch to...

At the bottom of the relationship:
  • Select a receptacle
  • Click Power Circuit button on the ribbon
  • (one doesn't appear if the receptacle is already part of a circuit)
  • Assign a Panel
  • Click Edit Circuit if you need to add/remove receptacles
  • Finish
Repeat the process for a panel to transformer or panel to panel relationship.

ALWAYS start with the child and work "up" to the parent. You can't create a circuit for a panel and add receptacles. Revit expects you to assign the parent (think where the power is coming from) when you create a circuit. If you select a panel first then you have to tell Revit what panel the power is coming from, not where the power is going to.

Hope it helps!


Unknown said...

Hi Steve,

How to change any settings of the receptacle or the panel to get the distribution system? I cannot assign a system to the panel when that panel is not default from Revit MEP.
In addition, do you know how to create single phase system for MEP?


Steve said...

It sounds like your other panels are either missing the appropriate electrical connector or its settings aren't correct.

Need to compare one that works with the one that doesn't, see what's different.

Single Phase with two "hot" legs or a single "hot" leg? Revit is biased toward two "hot" legs for single phase in their panel schedule formats.

The current "workaround" for one "hot" leg single phase is to use a Switchboard panel format and schedule.

Unknown said...

one hot leg, lol. Can I email to you?