Thursday, February 03, 2011

Newforma Add-in for Autodesk Revit

Newforma announced the release of their eighth edition on January 18th (won't be released to customers till the beginning of the 2nd Quarter of 2011). Among the highlights was one that I thought was a nice development for Revit projects.

Building Information Management and Spatial Index activity centers
New Building Information Management and Spatial Index activity centers provide project teams with a spreadsheet interface for editing sheets, spaces and properties from a Revit building information model. Bi-directional synchronization is provided through the optional Newforma® Add-in for Autodesk® Revit®. (features of which are further described here below but via a link on their site)

Room and spatial data management
Connect room and space planning spreadsheets with live Revit models to enable programming and Revit modeling staff to work asynchronously on a coordinated project room and space program.

Punch list integration
Connect space and system elements in the model with the Spatial Index activity center in Newforma Project Center to provide a consistent, unambiguous framework for the location of punch list and site observation items throughout the facility.

Document control and revision management
Connect sheet planning worksheets with the live Revit models to manage the revision and distribution of all record document deliverables derived from the model.

Resolution of design problems
Link action items and markups created in Newforma Project Center to building elements in Revit to track and more efficiently resolve design challenges with other disciplines.

Discoverable design-process audit trail
A by-product of a Newforma-enabled BIM process is a discoverable project audit trail that links building elements in Revit to a decision trail of information, emails and documents that support the final outcome.

The room and spatial data connection sounds particularly interesting!

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Brian Beck said...

Good Stuff. Time to give Allen Preger antoher call.