Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Dept. of Moved Cheese - Warnings

With Revit 2010 I found myself repeatedly clicking the Manage ribbon when I wanted to review Warnings. No sooner would I click on it than I would remember that it isn't there it is on the Modify ribbon tab, nuts!!

It should be on the Manage ribbon!!!

In 2011 it IS! Yes!! Trouble is that I'm now clicking on Modify first, oh well. It's where I felt it should be instinctively, just have to listen to my instincts now.

By the way, notice they also moved the selection features; Select by ID and IDs of Selection. Measure is still on the Modify ribbon tab though.


Unknown said...


I´m dissapointed... I´ve always been thinking of you as the "Revit God", but now that I know that you also get warnings when using Revit... ha ha :-)

Steve said...

No need to be disappointed, I can generate warnings on purpose, never by mistake! 8-)