Monday, May 31, 2010

Synchronize with Central - Twice?

I frequently work with my computer connected to a client network without actually having it added to their domain. This means that we map the computer to a shared folder by entering the path and supplying the correct credentials to access the resource.

With 2011 I'm seeing a recurring theme where I must synchronize with central (SWC) twice to actually commit changes so that the other users can see them with Reload Latest. In the same way this afternoon I found that a user needed to double their SWC so that I could see their changes.

Just to add another wrinkle to the situation, the class is a mixed XP and Windows 7 operating system environment, some laptops using each. Their computers are mapped to the network as members of the domain. I'm not sure if these conditions have anything to do with the double SWC or not but it seems to be recurring when I am connected this way. Any corroboration from readers?

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Rod Howarth said...

do you have any 3rd party add-ins? Long shot but theres an event in the API for synchronize with central, an addin may be interfering with that?