Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dept. of Nice Guys - Aaron Saves the Kitty

Aaron Maller recently joined a new firm (new for him) in Dallas, Texas (The Beck Group). He's one of their Revit/BIM guys now. On a trip to Atlanta this week, for some Revit work there, he discovered a tiny kitten in the elevator shaft when he arrived at the hotel to check in. He lay down on the floor to keep the door open, called the hotel staff and got the kitten out. It was sitting on a piece of metal stud between the car and the door.

Story doesn't end there. He got the hotel staff to watch the kitten while he headed out to find some supplies, food, milk and a pet carrier. He took the Kitten to work and he found it a home with one of the local staff families. Aaron shared his tale on Facebook, that's how I learned about it. He posted a little video of the kitten recovering in his hotel room. Looks like it is doing fine.

Attaboy Aaron!


Aaron Maller said...

LOL... Got a link to the story this morning in my inbox, hahaha. Happy to report kitty already loves her new family. She's climbing up shirts and purring like a little motor. I tried to name it Shaft, but the female thing killed it. =)

so if the cat is in the wall, does it go in the elevator family, te door family, or the wall family?? ;-)

Cactus said...

...and the kitty's name is Otis?