Friday, April 14, 2006

Text Settings

One thing I've always wondered about...why isn't there a Settings menu selection for Text Styles?? Nearly every other project setting does yet text doesn't...seems unfair to me.

To manage text styles without this you have to either start the Text command or edit existing text objects to modify or create a new text style. I guess we don't have to make text styles very often? Is that the assumption perhaps? Still seems unfair!!

If I were elected President I'd make sure Text gets a fair shake!!

(that and fix the elevation TAG!)


Anonymous said...

first comment got an error, so lets try again..

i fully agree about the text and the elevation tag, but you forgot about one thing:


Anonymous said...

Who would be his running mate?

Beau Turner said...

out of the two you mentioned I would vote for the elevation tag first. :)