Monday, April 03, 2006

Revit Inside?

Recently an architectural firm interested in finding a structural firm using Revit Structure asked if there is a resource to connect with such firms. My reply, I don't think so. I talked with my friendly neighborhood Autodesk sales rep and he said that there isn't such a "list" as far as he knows.

So...I'm curious if anyone reading this might be interested in sharing such information so that other firms could find each other? I'm proposing that I could host a neutral web-based listing of firms that use one or more of the Revit applications. The list could be as simple as a firm name and web address or include more detailed information. A listed firm would be part of the Revit Inside list.

I've reserved the web address REVIT INSIDE just in case there is interest in making such a list happen.

Let me know via email address: staffordconsultingatcoxdotnet (replace the written at and dot accordingly)

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