Thursday, April 14, 2005

News at 9:48


A secret meeting has taken place in “Diver’s Paradise”!!. Bonaire, a little island in the Dutch Caribbean best known for its diving opportunities, was the host for this clandestine gathering. A group of executives were observed on a catamaran, in the sea Northwest of the island, near a favorite diver’s location known as Boca Bartol. Two members of this group were immediately recognized as top executives from Autodesk and Bentley Systems.

Later, in the evening, this group was observed in the Blue Moon Waterfront Restaurant, a local favorite featuring French and International cuisine. It was here that the purpose of this gathering was discovered.

Chief executives of Autodesk, Bentley, Graphisoft, @Last Software and Dassault are planning to create a super application, code named BIMBLAM. This application will combine all the power and knowledge of these corporations into the killer app the building industry is seeking. No explanation for the acronym BIMBLAM was mentioned.

BIMBLAM thank ya' man! What a discovery!

Representatives from each organization later denied that the meeting took place when asked and further, declined to comment on BIMBLAM, claiming that this story is preposterous. A representative of Nemetschek, from whom no one was seen at the meeting, said that a meeting such as this could not have taken place without their knowledge.

About the Author: Freddy Latherdon is a 54 year old writer who has the uncanny nack for being in the right place at the right time for a story. This time, diving with old drinking buddies from his days with the CIA placed him in the water just 10 yards from the catamaran in question. Clever sleuthing led him to the elusive meeting at the Blue Moon. Nearly discovered evesdropping when his false teeth fell into his wine, we continue to be amazed at his ability to get the story!

(ummm, yes you guessed it!...any resemblance to people, places or things, real or imagined is entirely coincidental!!)

(Credit to Billy Grey, fellow Revit user for the term Bim- Blam which served as subtle inspiration for this bit of fiction)

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