Tuesday, April 12, 2005

News at 9:48

To follow up the great news story yesterday, thanks to a fortuitous turn of events, this author has discovered an image of President Bush's new home.

Part of the proposed new house that we wrote of yesterday, the image below depicts the proposed "loo", according to an architect with Lahng Phunni Nayme and Howe, LLC. Fearing reprisals for letting this image loose in the public domain, he anonymously made this post using the moniker, "SkiSouth" and claims to live in the "Great State of Confusion", which we all know to be Texas of course!

Exclusive Image of GWB's Loo Posted by Hello Property of SkiSouth

About the Author: Freddy Latherdon shares a studio efficiency in Connecticut with his ex-wife's French poodle, Yentle. He likes to say, "There isn't a story that couldn't use a little distortion to make it more interesting".

(Again, nonsense, un-adulterated nonsense, our sincere and humble apologies to the good people of the Great State's of Texas and Confusion. Freddy asks that we quote him on his position on this claim, "I am insulted that you would call me a dulterater." I've never dulterated anything before, and I'm not sure what a dulterater is!)

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