Wednesday, April 13, 2005

News at 9:48

Bentley Gets Bent!

Keith Bentley is mad, he's livid! Inside sources at Bentley headquarters in Easter, PA say that after reading the recent story of President Bush's endorsement of Autodesk Revit, he threw the paper out of his office window and stormed down to sales. He reportedly returned to his office still visibly perturbed and slammed his office door. He didn't re-emerge until late in the evening. Rumor has it he may be plotting to buy out Autodesk to squash that young upstart software.

You heard it here first!

About the Author: Freddy Latherdon recently moved to Easter, PA to get into the center of the cadd industry and we see it has already paid dividends. He sold his ex-wife's French poodle to the neighbors for an undisclosed sum. He hasn't told his ex...we wouldn't either... His ex-con butler, Belvedere, says Freddy can often be heard yelling at the phone, "Facts?!? Facts!?! You want facts? Fine!...I'll send you a facts! What's your facts number?"

(yup...nonsense're pretty quick for somebody who browses the internets all day)

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