Monday, April 11, 2005

News @ 9:48

Revit! President chooses design Software

At a recent gathering of dignitaries, President Bush was overheard discussing the new home he intends to build when his term in office ends. He spoke eloquently about the architect (Lahng, Phunni, Nayme and Howe, LLC) he hired, praising their great attitude, professionalism and use of cutting edge technology.

Then he mentioned the newest hot architectural software program, Autodesk Revit. He said, “This new Revit software is the “bees knees”, you’ve just got to see it in action!”. Then he called to his wife to join the small group and asked her to tell them what she thought when she saw the presentation. The President’s wife said, “I have to be honest, I was completely uninterested in what I thought I would see”. She continued, “Then the architect took me through my new home room by room, I was stunned”, adding “This Revit is going to change things!”

Change indeed! This is Freddy saying Overanout!

About the Author, Freddy Latherdon: Freddy is a distinguished writer and has written pieces for many notable publications. When asked recently about his long streak of ground breaking stories he replied, “I try not to let truth, facts or reality interfere with getting my story done”. That sums up what makes him a great reporter and we are pleased to share his work with our readers!

(Please note...this article is complete and utter nonsense, just in case you didn't figure that out earlier...)

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