Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Area Schemes

Revit provides two default Area Schemes in the stock (Imperial) templates;Gross Building (can't be deleted) and Rentable. When we want to create an Area Plan view Revit expects us to choose a scheme. The additional scheme in the following image is one I created (Retail Zones).

What isn't obvious, without a little digging, is that we can create more schemes. This is important because it does no good to attempt to reuse an existing scheme for additional plan views. They remain biased toward displaying whatever boundaries we've created already. Creating more area schemes begins here Architecture ribbon tab > Room & Area panel drop down > Area and Volume Computations > Area Schemes Tab.

Once you've made it here you can create new or delete existing area schemes. As mentioned earlier Revit's locked down the Gross Building scheme.

Now you can return to creating a new Area Plan view and choose from among the new schemes you've created. If you intend to use a Color Fill Legend you also need to make sure you create a new legend type for your new area scheme.


Sebastien Dubois said...

Good morning Steve,

I just wanted to mention that since area schemes don't have a "design option" setting. Creating a new area scheme for each desired options becomes a viable solution. However, having multiple options in the project would increase quite considerably the amount of area schemes as well.


Dave said...

Dirty little secret:
With most things Revit, you can't pre-populate a list. If a value isn't used, it drops off the list.
BUT! by using an Area Scheme, you can build a list of, say Departments in the Color Scheme and those values will always remain in the list, whether any Rooms use those Departments or not. You can't use it for everything, in fact, Departments are about the only useful parameter, but you can build up a list for your own Shared parameters.