Thursday, November 24, 2016

Publish Coordinates and Inter-related Linked Files

I frequently have models that are organized in/by what I call a Master Site model/file. This file is the Parent in the shared coordinate relationship for all the children/siblings models/buildings that I link into it.

When model positions are changed in this parent file I find it is sometimes (often) necessary to use Publish Coordinates on all the linked models, even those that have not been altered. I've observed inconsistent results where sometimes the location of a linked sibling does not adjust (update) when viewed (as a link) within another sibling model. Using Publish Coordinates seems to force these linked files to refresh properly when a model is opened, even though it might seem unnecessary for those that didn't change.

As such, it is possible that seeing other linked files appearing to be out of alignment for this reason may motivate us to try to reset everything. Pause, breathe...try using Publish Coordinates on all the links first.


Jason said...

I used the same "site model" concept to publish coordinates to linked models and it works very well. However, this functionality does not work when using Collaboration for Revit.

Steve said...

For C4R you can use an Acquire Coordinates (AC) only strategy which uses a single reference file that all models link and use AC on. You can also use Specify Coordinates at Point. I've written about both techniques here before.

Luisa said...

I suspect the issue I am having has prompted this post! We have tried re-publishing coordinates to all models but problems persist. I've narrowed it down to the Project Info workset - it keeps making itself editable and making model 'positions not saved'. I am now in touch with Autodesk and will post any further developments. Thanks for your help!

Luisa said...

Reporting back to say that Autodesk suggested (after a few other failed suggestions) upgrading all models to Revit 2017.
This worked!, and all files and shared coordinates work well now and the weird warnings are gone.

Unknown said...

I have this case there I am using C4R and I have adjusted the elevations of my linked file and when I open the master file, the elevations does not change. I was so sure that I made the adjustments so I went to try to save a copy of the linked file in C4R as a local copy and linked it into the master file.
Guess what? the elevations are all updated.