Thursday, March 10, 2016

Type Catalog - Family Type Parameter and Missing Spaces

This is for the Department of I could kick myself or Dept. of why can't I remember this.

These are two images of the same Type Catalog, one works and the other doesn't. The key location of the issue/difference is marked in yellow. This first one won't work.

Two little spaces on either side of the colon, like this: Family Name : Family Type.

Note to self, remember this next time around knucklehead!


Aaron Maller said...

Bwahahahaha. Ive done that, and sat there for HOURS going "I JUST HAD THIS WORKING A MINUTE AGO!!!!!!" Where is the wine?

Matt Taylor said...

Hi Steve,
I'm sure you know this, but...:
If you export the type catalog file using the interface, you'll not have this issue. You may have to trim out what you don't need, but what is there will be correct.

Even if you want to create the catalog manually, comparing it to an interface exported one will make the problem more apparent.

Be aware also that if you're nesting generic annotations in structural framing families in Revit 2015+, there are a bundle of serious issues that occur. Update releases/service packs fix some of the issues, but not all. Kepler is also problematic.


Steve said...

The "Family Type" kind of parameter does not get created using the Export Family Types tool unfortunately.

Matt Taylor said...

Gosh. How have I never noticed that!

--Jão-- said...

Does it work for importing Family Types using the interface?
For example, I created the parameter manually in csv and then I am trying to import it into Revit. It's not working for me.

Steve said...

Importing Family Types? I don't understand. Do you mean having the Type Catalog open during Load Family? If your type catalog is formatted properly then the Type Catalog should open...if it doesn't then an error message usually appears.